The First Bát Tràng Museum by national artist vũ thắng
The First Bát Tràng Museum by
national artist vũ thắng

Rồng Phố on Display – COCOSIN | LUU VIETANH

Through the partnership of COCOSIN | LUU VIETANH, a new collection has been launched in their POP-UP store. This collection was designed as a small-scaled exhibition within QUANG SAN ART MUSEUM, featuring the special participation of “Rồng Phố” from BÁT TRÀNG MUSEUM ATELIER x dieuANH. This collaboration among the four esteemed brands works to celebrate the aesthetics of beauty while conveying a rich narrative about the quintessence of traditions and the contemporary arts.

Photos: P.T – COCOSIN
English Translation: TỐNG MẠNH



Opening time:  1/6 – 28/6/2024 (Except for Monday every week)


(189B/3 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Thảo Điền, Thủ Đức City, HCMC)

The partnership between COCOSIN | LUU VIETANH in creating these artworks took its inspiration from the jellyfish – a specie of animal symbolic of union and femininity. In them, the radiant beauty of each individual seamlessly blends into one another, hence their glistering charm. Inspired by the jellyfish, the collection strives to honor the beauty and strength of women as they empathize, inspire and shine together.

Each piece pays tribute to traditional values and innovative spirits, evoking harmony between past and present, and celebrating Vietnamese women of both then and now.

Designed by Fashion Designer DIỆU ANH in collaboration with BÁT TRÀNG MUSEUM ATELIER, “Rồng Phố” is a collection of five ceramic art pieces. Each piece combined the regal dragon icon with everyday street objects like stools, monoblocs, brick blocks, water pipes, and tires, thus they distinctively harmonize the ancient traditions of Vietnam and the nation’s contemporary cultures, forming a one-of-a-kind art collection.

COCOSIN:  is both a clothing brand and a lifestyle, specializing in innovation and the vibrant life of the city. Through the language of fashion, they aim to honor and inspire confidence in women.
LUU VIETANH: is a handbag brand whose ultimate goal is to retell old stories in new ways through the lens of the young people. By using Vietnam’s cultural values as foundation while incorporating influences from various foreign cultures, LUU VIETANH seeks to create a fresh new perspective on these classic narratives.
Dedicated to serving the public’s demand for fine arts, QUANG SAN ART MUSEUM  is home to over 1500 artworks that are extremely valuable to the nation’s culture and history.

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