The First Bát Tràng Museum by national artist vũ thắng
The First Bát Tràng Museum by
national artist vũ thắng

Rồng Phố – The Beauty of The Street, in the Arts of Ceramics Making

In recent times, tradition and modernity have managed to find their way to prominently intertwine with one another in arts and fashion, blending not only in terms of aesthetic but also in function. “Rồng Phố”, or Dragon of The Urbanites is one such instance.

Introduced to the public in January 2024, “Rồng Phố” is a series of ceramic artworks born from the collaboration between Bát Tràng Museum Atelier and Fashion Designer Diệu Anh. By merging the sacred symbolism of the Asian dragon with the ordinariness of the common street items, the collection offers a fresh perspective on these familiar imageries.

Words:  Elle Decoration Vietnam
Photos: Lê Lai
English Translation: Tống Mạnh

“Rồng Phố”, alongside a number of one-of-a-kind ceramic artworks of Bát Tràng Museum Atelier will be put on display at Sa Maison – on the fifth floor of Lotte Department Store, 54 Liễu Giai Street., Ba Đình District, Hanoi till the end of February 18th.

Designed by Diệu Anh in collaboration with Bát Tràng Museum’s Creative Director Vũ Khánh Tùng and Production Director Phạm Thăng Long, the collection consists of five ceramic art pieces handmade by the skilled craftsmen of Bát Tràng. Each piece combined the regal dragon icon with everyday street objects like stools, monoblocs, brick blocks, and water pipes, harmonizing the ancient traditions of Vietnam and the nation’s contemporary cultures. Their creation story was shared on January 20th at an introductory conference hosted by Bát Tràng Museum Atelier at Sa Maison, attended by artists, associates and clients.

Sa Maison is a subbrand of Lotte Department Store that specialises in the trade of homewares and lifestyles, and in their search for the artistic values in living spaces, they have found in Bát Tràng Museum Atelier a fresh new narrative, one that profoundly ties to the heritage of Vietnam and deeply connects with the curated brands of Sa Maison, such as Copenhagen, Wedgwood and Royal Albert. In combining the historical values, cultural depth and the spirit of the craft, Sa Maison aims to share the stories of Bát Tràng Museum’s Rồng Phố with its esteemed customers, as well as dedicating to the living spaces a rich source of artistic inspirations in the coming Year of the Dragon.

Bát Tràng Museum Atelier: Run by the family members of Vũ Đức Thắng and the skilled ceramists who have worked with the workshop for tens of year, Bát Tràng Museum Atelier aims to continue the creative legacy of late National Artist. The workshop, as the museum’s branch responsible for the production of ceramics, strives daily to live up to his name, with each of their products bearing his signature delicate hues, expressive patterns and rich personality, commemorating his mastery of the ceramic embellishing and glaze layering techniques.
Fashion Designer Diệu Anh: As a fashion designer, Diệu Anh’s strength lies in her ability to dissect modern shapes and structures, as well as any details and contours influenced by East Asian cultures, with 20 years of experience under her belt in the profession and participation in various prestigious domestic fashion shows (Vietnam Fashion Week, Lễ hội áo dài, Elle Fashion Show, etc.) and foreign TV shows (Belgium, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Laos). Alongside her fondness for fine art in general, Diệu Anh holds a particularly deep affection for any and all things that is related to the indigenous cultural uniqueness of Vietnam.

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